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LES 4 GRANS CRONIQUES A monumental musical project to write four operas (a tetralogy) based on each book of the Great Catalan Medieval Chronicles (s.XIII-XIV). work in progress...


LLIBRE DE MERAVELLES A contemporary Ballet based on the book of Ramon Llull (s.XIII) work in progress...LLIBRE D'AMIC E AMAT song cycle for voice and lute. Text by Ramon Llull (s.XIII). work in progress...SONETOS DEL AMOR OSCURO song cycle for voice and guitar. Text by Federico García Lorca. work in progress...DES'ORDRE for orchestra | 12'ca. [3333-4331-timp+4perc-hp-pno+cel-strings] work in progress...TAROT a collection of 78 short pieces (miniatures) for unfretted clavichord based on the most popular tool for spiritual introspection and divination. work in progress...TENEBRAE RESPONSORIES a collection of 27 sacred pieces for chorus "a cappella" SSATBB. work in progress...SACRED CHORAL WORKS a collection of sacred pieces for chorus "a cappella". work in progress...RICERCARE for orchestra | 12'ca. [3333-4331-timp+4perc-hp-pno+cel-strings] work in progress...LES MUSES female choir SSAA and orchestra [3333-4331-timp+4perc-hp-pno+cel-strings] work in progress...FIRMAMENTUM a collection of short pieces for organ based on the 88 constellations | 90'ca. work in progress...ZODIAC orchestral version [3333-4331-timp+4perc-hp-pno+cel-strings] work in progress...LES HOMILIES D'ORGANYÀ orchestral version [3333-4331-timp+4perc-hp-pno+cel-strings] work in progress...

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THE ABYSS for violin and piano | 8'ca.


SOLILOQUI XI for bassoon | 12'ca.SOLILOQUI X for english horn | 12'ca.SOLILOQUI IX for percussion | 6'ca.KALIMBA ETUDES for kalimba | 20'ca.L'ERMITA DE L'EROLA sardana for cobla | 4'30"ca.CATALOGUE OF BIRDS (Book 10) for piano | 18'ca.


SOLILOQUI VIII for violin | 9'ca.SOLILOQUI XII for contrabassoon | 12'ca.SOLILOQUI XIII for bass clarinet | 12'ca.SOLILOQUI XIV for flute | 10'ca.LABYRINTH for organ and orchestra | 12'ca. [3333-4331-timp+4perc-hp-pno+cel-strings and organ]MÀGICA NIT for violoncello ensemble. Commissioned: by the Escola de Música de Vic | 30'ca. Incidental music to accompany a children's tale written by Víctor Sunyol.CATALOGUE OF BIRDS (Book 9) for piano | 21'ca.


CATALAN FOLK SONGS a total of 823 arrangements of Catalan traditional songs, a collection of 9 songbooks harmonized for SATB "a cappella" | 3200'ca.CATALOGUE OF BIRDS (Book 8) for piano | 20'ca.


SOLILOQUI XVI for oboe | 12'ca.SOLILOQUI XVIII for piccolo | 12'ca.DIVÁN DEL TAMARIT song cycle for voice and orchestra | 1h 15'ca. [3333-4331-timp+4perc-hp-cel-strings]ODA A POMPEU FABRA sardana for strings | 6'ca. Commissioned: by Ramón Payàs and the "Els Amics de les Homilies d'Organyà".CATALOGUE OF BIRDS (Book 7) for piano | 21'ca.


SKETCHES for string orchestra | 20'ca.OUROBOROS for orchestra | 15'ca. [3242-4331-timp+1perc-strings] Commissioned: by Carlos Checa and the JOSB (Jove Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona). Premiered: at the Paranimf of the University of Barcelona 05|15|2017.THE MARIAN ANTIPHONS complete collection of 4 pieces for female choir "a cappella" | 30'ca.SALVE REGINA for female choir "a cappella" | 6'ca.REGINA COELI for female choir "a cappella" | 6'ca.AVE REGINA CAELORUM for female choir "a cappella" | 5'ca.ALMA REDEMPTORIS MATER for female choir "a cappella" | 12'ca.


BREVICULUM for orchestra and mixed choir | 50'ca. Commissioned: by L'Auditori and the OBC (Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona y Nacional de Catalunya) project "Et toca a tu". Premiered: at L'Auditori 10|06|16.EARLY ABSTRACTIONS 7 for percussion | 5'38''ca.CATALOGUE OF BIRDS (Book 6) for piano | 21'ca.


SUITE "HOMILIES" for baritone, recorder, cornett, theorbo, percussion. | 30'ca. EL CAMINANT DAMUNT EL MAR DE BOIRA song for voice and piano | 5'ca. Commissioned: by the Festival de Música de CerveraINITIATION DANCES for harp and marimba work in progress...SUD for mixed choir "a cappella" SATB | 5'ca. Commissioned: by the FCEC (Federació d'Entitats Corals de Catalunya) Premiered: at the Palau de la Música Catalana 06|11|2015.CATALOGUE OF BIRDS (Book 5) for piano | 21'ca.


SOLILOQUI XXVI for button accordion | 9'ca.RAMBLA LLIBERTAT Cantata for children's choir, two soloists and 8 intruments | 50'ca. Commissioned: by the Servei Educatiu de l'Auditori de BarcelonaPUER NATUS EST for mixed choir "a cappella" SATB | 5'ca. Commissioned: by choral conductor Daniel MestreCATALOGUE OF BIRDS (Book 4) for piano | 22'ca.


CATALOGUE OF BIRDS (Book 3) for piano | 18'ca.SOLILOQUI XIX for french horn | 12'ca.SOLILOQUI XXI for trombone | 12'ca.SOLILOQUI XXII for tuba | 12'ca.


PATIM, PATAM, PATUM... for percussion trio, traditional melodies from the "Patum de Berga" | 25'ca. Commissioned: by the Federació de les Festes de la Patum de Berga Dedicated: to Patri Martinez "in memoriam".TERESA'S ECSTASY incidental music for an off-Broadway show. | 60'ca. Commissioned: by playwright Begonya Plaza. Premiered: Cherry Lane Theatre, West Village, Manhattan, New York March 4, 2012CATALOGUE OF BIRDS (Book 2) for piano | 20'ca.


CATALOGUE OF BIRDS (Book 1) for piano | 23'ca.SOLILOQUI XVII for contrabass | 12'ca.SOLILOQUI XXIII for viola | 12'ca.SOLILOQUI XXIV for violoncello | 12'ca.SOLILOQUI XXVIII for harpsichord | 7'ca.


ODA A MONTSERRAT for cobla and orchestra | 5'ca. pending revision... Commissioned: by the Simfònica de cobla i corda de Catalunya.SOLILOQUI XXVII for snare drum | 10'ca.SOLILOQUI XX for timpani | 8'ca.SOLILOQUI XV for harp | 12'ca.


SOLILOQUI XXV for marimba | 9'ca.SOLILOQUI VII for clarinet | 12'ca.PIRATES I PRINCESES sardana for cobla | 4'30"ca pending revision...THE ROSY CRUCIFIXION (trilogy Sexus, Plexus, Nexus) for percussion quartet | 30'ca. (2003-2009)SEXUS for percussion quartet | 9'ca.


PLEXUS for soprano saxophone and percussion quartet | 12'ca.VARIACIONS LLIURES for piano | 5'41''HOMILIA VI "La guarició de la filla de la cananea". for choir, baritone, cobla, 4 perc. | 30'ca.DIVÁN DEL TAMARIT song cycle for voice and marimba | 1h 15'ca. Commissioned: by the Duo BorealisGYPSY AIRS for mixed choir "a cappella" SATB | 8'ca. pending revision...LA VINYET sardana for cobla | 4'30"ca pending revision...


ZODIAC for 6 voices and 3 clarinets | 13'ca. Commissioned: by the Choir of the Community of Madrid. HOMILIA V "Les temptacions de Jesús al desert" for choir, baritone, cobla, 4 perc. | 30'ca.CONCERTONE version for piano and cobla | 15'caTILINGS for string orchestra | 12'ca.


RECORDANT CARDEDEU sardana for cobla | 4'30"ca pending revision...ORGELBÜCHLEIN for organ | 80'ca.


DANSA MACABRA for cobla | 12'caEL TRAPELLA D'EN PAU sardana for cobla | 4'30"ca pending revision...ELS FOLLETS for symphonic orchestra | 20'ca. pending revision...HOMILIA IV "La conversió" for choir, baritone, ensemble, 4 perc. | 30'ca.HOMILIA III "La guarició del cec de Jericó" for choir, baritone, ensemble, 4 perc. | 30'ca.OVILLEJOS for choir and piano | 5'ca. pending revision...LISÍSTRATA opera for young people, orchestra, mixed choir and soloists | 50'ca. Commissioned: by the Servei Educatiu del Liceu and the IMEB (Institut Municipal d'Educació de Barcelona)


FLOR D'ALBAT sardana | 4'30"ca pending revision...VERBUM for violin and piano | 8'ca.THE MAGIC CIRCLE for saxophone quartet | 12'ca.HOMILIA II "La paràbola del sembrador" for choir, baritone, organ, 4 perc. | 30'ca.


CONCERTONE for piano and string orchestra | 15'ca.SOLILOQUI VI for guitar | 8'ca.SOLILOQUI V for trumpet | 8'ca.THREE CHILDREN SONGS for oboe and piano | 8'ca.NEXUS for percussion quartet | 12'ca.METAMORPHOSIS I for flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, violoncello, piano | 10'ca.METAMORPHOSIS II for symphonic orchestra | 20'ca.HOMILIA I "La caritat". for choir, baritone, organ, 4 perc. | 30'ca.UN SEGON, CENT ANYS... for choir and cobla | 2'ca. pending revision...


DELIRI for cobla pending revision...BALNEARI VICHY sardana pending revision...NOUS SONS sardana for cobla | 4' pending revision...EN PATUFET for children’s string orchestra and narrator | 12'ca.SOLILOQUI IV for fiscorn | 5'ca.LLI for mixed choir "a cappella" | 3'ca.


PEL VOSTRE ANIVERSARI sardana for cobla | 6' pending revision...JOGUINES version for cobla | 4'30'' pending revision...SINCRONIA for cobla | 12'30''ca. pending revision...CHANCE "Atzar" for symphonic orchestra | 12'30''THE MAGIC SQUARE for double string orchestra | 20'OVERTURE FOR HOPE for brass pending revision...SEQÜÈNCIES for cl. vln. vlc. pno | 5'41''EL FERROCARRIL for children saxophone ensemble pending revision...TAMBORILADA for 5 tamborils | 9'10''SOLILOQUI III for flabiol & tamborí | 7'17''SOLILOQUI II for vibraphone | 9'12''SOLILOQUI I for piano | 14'ca.LA LLUNA EN UN COVE opera for children, orchestra, mixed choir and soloists | 60'ca.


STRING QUARTET No.1 for string quartet | 20'ca.JOGUINES for pianoUNA GALLINA canon per a infants pending revision...A L'ESTIU canon for children pending revision...O MAGNUM MYSTERIUM for men's choir "a cappella" pending revision...ESCENES DEL CIRC for cobla | 5'36'' pending revision...L'HOSTAL DE LA GROSSA sardana for cobla pending revision...RESSONS D'APLEC sardana for cobla | 3'59'' pending revision...POSTAL DE BESALÚ sardana for cobla | 4'49'' pending revision...MÚSICA TRADICIONAL DE CARDEDEU pending revision...SUITE DE DANSES for tenora and orchestra | 12'ca. pending revision...


THE SHEPHERD'S BOY pedagogical work pending revision...EL BANDID canon for children pending revision...IN MODO DI HABANERA children's song pending revision...EL CANON DE L'ABSURD canon for children pending revision...LA CANÇÓ DEL CARCELLER children's song pending revision...SO WE'LL GO NO MORE A ROVING for mixed choir pending revision...THE MÖBIUS BAND for mixed choir "a cappella" pending revision...VENID A BELEN Christmas carol for choir pending revision...PASTORCILLOS DEL MONTE Christmas carol for choir pending revision...CANT D'ENYORANÇA sardana for cobla | 4'ca. pending revision...LA VALL DE SANT DANIEL sardana for cobla pending revision...


SUITE DE DANSES for carillon & tenora pending revision...TRÍPTIC x4 for quartet for clarinets pending revision...EL PETIT BESTIARI for fl. vln. pno. pending revision...VARIACIONS for fl. cl. pno. pending revision...EL GOSSET PERDUT children's song pending revision...EXCÈLSIOR for mixed choir and brass ensemble pending revision...NYERROS I CADELLS for two cobles and percussion | 13'ca. pending revision...ESTRUGA MAIGARDA esoteric poem for cobla | 6'ca. pending revision...EIXERIDA sardana for cobla pending revision...INCERTA sardana for cobla pending revision...AIDA sardana for cobla pending revision...


JAM for jazz ensemble pending revision...KOUBBA for marimba | 7'06"HOMENATGE for piano pending revision...ANELLA D'ARGENT sardana for cobla pending revision...


L'EROL DE CARDEDEU sardana for cobla pending revision...APLEC DAURAT sardana for cobla pending revision...PATER NOSTER for mixed choir "a cappella" pending revision...CONCERTINO for vln. and orchestra pending revision...


BELLSOLAR sardana for cobla | 2'29'' pending revision...SONATINE for wind quintet pending revision...COLLAGE for violin pending revision...CANÇONS DE LA RODA DEL TEMPS for voice and orchestra pending revision...


CARRER PEDRÓ sardana for cobla | 3'55'' pending revision...L'HOSTAL LA GLORIA sardana for cobla pending revision...ELEGIA for string orchestra | 14' pending revision...


L'ESTEL DE L'ESPERANÇA for jazz ensemble pending revision...LA PLUJA children's song pending revision...


EL TREN DE VILAGRASSETA canon for children pending revision...QUAN EL SOL ES DESFÀ DINS LA NIT children's song pending revision...MARINADA children's song pending revision...EL GAT BLAU children's song pending revision...LA CIUTAT LLUNYANA for cobla | 15'ca. pending revision...SOTA L'OREIG sardana for choir | 5'ca pending revision...CA'N PERET SABATER sardana for cobla pending revision...


CÀSTOR & PÒL·LUX for percussion duet | 9'10'' pending revision...EL TEMPS cycle of 3 canons for children pending revision...RETAULE PER A INFANTS cycle of 6 canons for children pending revision...CANÇÓ children's song pending revision...EL GRONXADOR children's song pending revision...


HADES or "The temple of death" chamber ensemble pending revision...MARXA DELS ANIMALS for piano 6 hands for kids pending revision...AVE MARIA mixed choir "a cappella" pending revision...EL CARD I LA ROSA cycle of 5 songs pending revision...VORA LA MAR sardana for cobla pending revision...EL SILENCI DEL BOSC for cobla | 12'ca. pending revision...


PEDRA ALBA song pending revision...RENAIXENÇA sardana for cobla pending revision...


CAP AL TARD sardana for cobla pending revision...


ODA A L'AVI JOAN sardana for cobla pending revision...