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for string orchestra | 20'ca. (2017) download | purchase
* version for string orchestra of the String Quartet No. 1 (2000)
“SKETCHES” is a four movement piece: “Introduction, variations and theme”, “Scherzo giocoso”, “Andante Cantabile” and “Toccata” written for Chamber String Orchestra that aims to explore the timber and the fascinating color of the string ensemble. The first movement starts with a four beat statement followed by a mysterious chromatic element in tremolo that is followed by a rhythmical “perpetuum mobile”, a col legno continuous gesture (played with the wood side of the bow) that structures the entire first movement. It follows a series of three variations on the theme by Granada composer Luys de Narvaez, a famous Spanish vihuelist from the 16th century… As a curiosity the three variations come before the theme of “Guárdame las vacas” that is presented at the end of the movement.
The entire second movement, the Scherzo, its written pizz. and demands from the performers to hold the instrument in a virtuosistic way, like a vihuela (Spanish renaissance guitar). The third movement is inspired from a Federico García Lorca poem “Canción para la Luna” and is impregnated by the dark and suggestive atmosphere of the work of the Andalusian poet. Finally, the Toccata, ends the piece in an uplifting mood, where there is a delicate use of the harmonics and the contrast with abrupt four string chords.

Radom Composition Competition.pdf
Albert CARBONELL - SKETCHES for strings [full score].pdf