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for oboe and piano | 8'ca. (2003) download | purchase
1 - Sol solet2 - Cargol treu banya3 - El gegant del pi
* there is a version for flabiol and piano.
In this piece the author uses, in a personal way, the material derived from three popular Catalan children's songs. These songs (“sol solet”, “cargol treu banya” i “el gegant del pi”), very well known among the Catalan children, serve as a starting point for the realization of a particular sound world that goes from the enlarged hue to atonal elements passing through more shocking timbre effects. The first and third movements are written in a mocking tone, while the second is more intimate and collected. As a whole they form three small pieces, the intention of which is none other than the simple desire to have a good time.
Albert CARBONELL - THREE CHILDREN SONGS (for oboe and piano) [full score].pdf