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for gamelan ensemble | 5'ca. (2022) download | purchase
"IJEN" is an enthralling contemporary musical composition for gamelan ensemble, meticulously crafted with innovation and reverence for tradition. This piece, created by [Composer's Name], is a testament to the enduring allure of gamelan music while pushing the boundaries of its sonic landscape.
Rooted in the resplendent cultural tapestry of Indonesia, "IJEN" draws its inspiration from the enchanting landscapes surrounding the illustrious Ijen volcano complex. Situated amidst the verdant expanse of East Java, the Ijen volcano stands as a majestic sentinel, its silhouette etched against the azure canvas of the sky.
The title "IJEN" itself conjures images of this celestial hue, reminiscent of the cerulean depths of the crater lake that lies nestled within the volcanic caldera. This azure jewel, veiled in mist and myth, casts an ethereal glow over the surrounding terrain, surprising the senses with its mesmerizing beauty.
Much like the iridescent waters of the crater lake, the music of "IJEN" shimmers with an enchanting brilliance, weaving a sonic tapestry of hues and harmonies. The composer deftly captures the essence of this celestial landscape, infusing the composition with a sense of wonder and reverence.
Listeners are transported to a realm where the music cascades like shimmering waterfalls, its melodies echoing the whispers of the wind across the volcanic slopes. The gamelan ensemble, with its resplendent array of instruments, evokes the myriad shades of blue that dance upon the surface of the crater lake, from the deepest sapphire to the palest turquoise.
As the melodies of "IJEN" unfold, the audience is enveloped in a symphony of color and sound, each note a brushstroke upon the canvas of the imagination. The music transports listeners to the very heart of the Ijen volcano complex, where the beauty of the natural world merges seamlessly with the creative spirit of humanity.
"IJEN" is not merely a composition; it is a testament to the transcendent power of music to evoke the sublime. Through its evocative melodies and vibrant harmonies, "IJEN" invites listeners to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, where the boundless beauty of the natural world converges with the boundless depths of the human soul.
Albert CARBONELL - IJEN (for gamelan ensemble).pdf