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ANEMOI (winds gods)

for percussion | 24'ca. (2022) download | purchase
Anemoi, or winds gods of Greek mythology; the four main anemoi are Boreas (North), Zephyrus (West), Notus (South) and Eurus (East)
TETRALOGY (based on the "rose des vents"):
1 - BOREAS (the north wind) for crotales | 6'ca. (2022) download | purchase2 - ZEPHYRUS (the west wind) for chimes | 6'ca. (2022) download | purchase3 - NOTUS (the south wind) for temple blocks | 6'ca. (2022) download | purchase4 - EURUS (the east wind) for Tibetan singing bowls | 6'ca. (2022) download | purchase
Albert CARBONELL - ANEMOI (winds gods) (for percussion).pdf