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for symphonic orchestra | 20'ca. (2003) download | purchase
"Metamorphosis II" is not merely a musical composition; it is a philosophical exploration manifested in sound, inspired by the enigmatic artwork of M.C. Escher. Delving deep into the essence of transformation and the interconnectedness of all things, this avant-garde orchestral piece invites listeners on a metaphysical journey beyond the confines of traditional musical expression.
In the spirit of Escher's "Metamorphosis II," which challenges viewers to contemplate the fluidity of perception and the nature of reality, this musical composition poses profound questions about the nature of existence itself. Through intricate musical motifs and shifting harmonies, "Metamorphosis II" mirrors the philosophical complexities inherent in Escher's work, inviting listeners to ponder the fundamental paradoxes of existence.
Just as Escher's art transcends the boundaries of space and time, "Metamorphosis II" transcends the limitations of traditional orchestral music, pushing the boundaries of sonic experimentation and innovation. Through a fusion of dissonance and harmony, chaos and order, the piece reflects the inherent duality of the human experience and the perpetual cycle of change and transformation.
As listeners navigate the labyrinthine passages of "Metamorphosis II," they are confronted with the fleeting nature of reality and the illusion of permanence. Themes of impermanence and flux permeate the composition, inviting contemplation on the ephemeral nature of existence and the ever-changing nature of the universe.
At its core, "Metamorphosis II" is a meditation on the interconnectedness of all things, echoing the interconnected forms and shapes found in Escher's artwork. Through its sonic tapestry, the piece reminds us that we are all part of a larger cosmic symphony, each note and motif contributing to the ever-evolving melody of the universe.
"Metamorphosis II" invites listeners to transcend the boundaries of ordinary perception and embrace the infinite possibilities of existence. Like Escher's artwork, this philosophical musical journey challenges us to see the world through new eyes and embrace the beauty of perpetual transformation.
Albert CARBONELL - METAMORPHOSIS II (for orchestra) [full score] (legal size).pdf