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for 6 voices and 3 clarinets | 13'ca. (2007) download | purchase
Commissioned: by the Choir of the Community of Madrid.
* there is a version for mixed choir and orchestra [3333-4331-timp+4perc-hp-pno+cel-SATB-strings] of the piece. (2020) work in progress...
The program completed the work commissioned by the Canal Foundation entrusted to A. Carbonell (1972). Zodiac is a suite of 12 short pieces that are each one of the signs of the zodiac. The creation has its foundation in a very complete philosophical argument that links geometry, mathematics and a cosmic conception of the universe. "Arithmetic (pure number), Music (number in time), Geometry (number in space) and Cosmology (number in space and time) were the four great liberal arts of the Quadrivium. They are the foundation of the basic languages ​​of the universe and of almost all cultures. "
The work is based on the peculiarities of the magic star, built with the geometric representation of the elements that generate the universe: fire (equilateral triangle) and earth (the same triangle in the opposite direction, with the vertex pointing downwards) are juxtaposed to give rise to to the hexagon, a figure that represents the elements of air and water. All together form the magic star.
"The whole work is based on these numbers and series. The different pieces belonging to the same element, apart from the same notes, also have the same character. The group of 'fire' are fast pieces and a playful ostinato. The pieces of 'tierra' represent three different popular rhythms: tempo di marcia, valse and habanera. The pieces of 'air' are volatile and sweeter, characterized by long notes in the chorus part. Finally, the pieces of 'water' start from the same idea as those of 'air', appearing three short solos in the form of a cadence, which starts the soprano, follows the mezzo-soprano and ends the baritone ".
The author proposes that the order of the pieces of the entire composition be susceptible to be modified at the choice of the interpreters, although it indicates the convenience of interspersing movements of the different elements to give greater variety to the work.

Justo Sanz

Albert CARBONELL - ZODIAC (6 voices + 3 clarinets).pdf
Albert CARBONELL - ZODIAC - Fundacion Canal [program].pdf