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Cantata for children's choir, two soloists and 8 intruments (2014) | 50'ca. Commissioned: by the Servei Educatiu de l'Auditori de Barcelona.  violin, contrabass, trumpet, clarinet + saxophone, piano, harp, percussion, accordion) (2014) download | purchase


Voices for freedom

The 25th edition of the children’s cantata brings together more than 40,000 singers for concerts around the country. This year’s work ‘Rambla Llibertat’ invites people to think about personal freedom.
Nearly 40,000 boys and girls around the country are taking part in this year’s children’s cantata, Cantània. In the course of May and June the work will be performed at 97 concerts in concert halls round Catalonia, Spain and Germany. At the Auditori de Barcelona 26 are planned.
Twenty-five years ago, a concert involving 250 children from 9 schools signalled the start of the cantata, which developed out of a Barcelona City Council IMEB initiative. Now, a quarter of a century later, it has become a big event round the country.
"For the schools it is very important to take part in the cantata," says the director of the Auditori’s educational service, Assumció Malagarriga. And she adds that a musical event like this “gives a boost on a school, family and social level… in short, to the culture of the country”.
A reward for effort
Over the course of the school year the students have been learning the cantata from their music teachers. They have had to study the words to the songs, prepare the dance choreographies and make the artistic elements they show at the concert before an enthusiastic audience of mums and dads.
Jordi Vilabella, from the Carlit School admits that “some of us have had problems learning some parts" but he assures us that “we know them now,” minutes before going on stage for a concert with 800 pupils taking part.
In fact they each have their favourite songs: Ona Viver’s is ‘Els avis savis’ because “it’s slow and there is a canon”, while her friend, Diego Romero, prefers ‘La millor opció’ because you whistle.
Music that educates
‘Rambla Llibertat’, written by the compositor Albert Carbonell with a text by March Rossich, hides a story of two characters, the journalist Estela and her camera Gómez who, together, discover why this neighbourhood breathes joy and happiness.
The performance, music and vocals unite to create a story that goes further than the music to think about personal freedom. “The main aim is to leave a mark inside for life through the music,” concludes Assumció Malagarriga.
Celebrating 25 years
There will be a commemorative concert on 12 June at the Auditori in Barcelona, where former pupils who have taken part in Cantània over the years will be appearing on stage to sing various songs that recall previous editions. This event, which is open to everyone, will finish with a jazz concert outside, featuring an adaptation of some of the more emotive pieces of the cantata.
Albert CARBONELL - RAMBLA LLIBERTAT (cantania) [full score] (catala).pdf