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sardana for strings | 6'ca. (2018) download | purchase
Commissioned: by Ramón Payàs and the "Els Amics de les Homilies d'Organyà".Premiered: Sala d'actes del Centre Excursionista de Catalunya, Nov. 11, 2018.Dedicated: to "Els Amics de les Homilies d'Organyà"
*  there is a version for button accordion and tenora (2022) download | purchase
The work "Oda a Pompeu Fabra" is a small piece in the form of a Sardana, which aims to evoke a specific moment in life, the beginning of the Catalan cultural movement known as "Noucentisme". This is a commission from the friends of "the Homilies of Organyà”, to whom it is also dedicated, where, in addition to paying tribute to the master Pompeu Fabra, the author envisions the piece as an emotional reminder of two other extraordinary composers, Eduard Toldrà and Joaquim Serra. 
The music is presented here pure and crystalline, without any mass ornamentation, plain and simple and very tonal and direct. The melodies appeared in the piece seem extracted from the Catalan folk songbook. At the end of the "llargs" the two contrasting melodies appear together in counterpoint, almost confronted.
Jornades Pompeu Fabra 2022.pdf
Albert CARBONELL - ODA A POMPEU FABRA [complete].pdf