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a collection of 27 sacred pieces for chorus "a cappella" SSATBB. (2023)
work in progress...
Tenebræ (Latin for darkness or shadows, pronounced ten-eh-bray) is the name of the church service held after nightfall during the last three days of Holy Week, during which the candles in the church are extinguished one by one "to signify the setting of the Sun of Justice" in the words of Benedict XIV. 
The service is treated as a sort of funeral service or dirge, commemorating the death of Jesus. Following the opening, the service is divided into three sections, called "Nocturns". The music turns its attention to subject matter covering torment, suffering, blood and death.
FERIA V in coena Domini ad Matutinum(Responsories for Maundy Thursday)
1st Nocturn(3 lessons from Jeremiah)I-1. In monte OlivetiI-2. Tristis est anima meaI-3. Ecce vidimus
2nd Nocturn(3 lessons from St Augustin)I-4. Amicus meus osculiI-5. Judas, mercator pessimusI-6. Unus ex discipulis meis
3rd Nocturn(3 lessons from Corinthians 11)I-7. Eram quasi agnusI-8. Una horaI-9. Seniores populi

FERIA VI in parasceve ad Matutinum(Responsories for Good Friday)
1st Nocturn(3 lessons from Jeremiah)II-1. Omnes amici meiII-2. Velum templiII-3. Vinea mea electa
2nd Nocturn(3 lessons from St Augustin)II-4. Tamquam ad latronemII-5. Tenebrae factae suntII-6. Animam meam dilectam
3rd Nocturn(3 lessons from Hebrews 4)II-7. Tradiderunt meII-8. Jesum tradidit impiusII-9. Caligaverunt oculi mei

SABBATO SANCTO ad Matutinum(Responsories for Holy Saturday)
1st Nocturn(3 lessons from Jeremiah)III-1. Sicut ovisIII-2. Jerusalem, surgeIII-3. Plange quasi virgo
2nd Nocturn(3 lessons from St Augustin)III-4. Recessit pastor nosterIII-5. O vos omnesIII-6. Ecce quomodo moritur justus
3rd Nocturn(3 lessons from Hebrews 9)III-7. Astiterunt reges terraeIII-8. Aestimatus sumIII-9. Sepulto Domino