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a collection of 89 short pieces for organ. (2021)
work in progress...
1-ANDROMEDA (the chained woman) 2-ANTLIA (the Air Pump) 3-APUS (the Bird of Paradise) 4-AQUARIUS (the Water Pourer) 5-AQUILA (the Eagle) 6-ARA (the Altar) 7-ARGO NAVIS (Jason's Ship) 8-ARIES (the Ram) 9-AURIGA (the Charioteer) 10-BOOTES (the Herdsman, the Ploughman, or the Shepherd) 11-CAELUM (the Graving Tool, the Sculptor's Chisel) 12-CAMELOPARDALIS (the Giraffe) 13-CANCER (the Crab) 14-CANIS MAJOR (the Greater Dog) 15-CANIS MINOR (the Lesser Dog) 16-CANES VENATICI (the two Hunting Dogs, or Greyhounds) 17-CAPRICORNUS (the Goat) 18-CARINA (the Keel) 19-CASSIOPEIA (the Ethiopian Queen, the Seated Woman) 20-CENTAURUS (the Centaur) 21-CEPHEUS (the Ethiopian King) 22-CETUS (the Whale, or Sea Monster) 23-CHAMAELEON (the chameleon, Well Hidden) 24-CIRCINUS (a compass for drawing circles) 25-COLUMBA (Noah's Dove) 26-COMA BERENICES (Berenice's Hair) 27-CORONA AUSTRALIS (the Southern Crown) 28-CORONA BOREALIS (the Northern Crown) 29-CORVUS (the Raven) 30-CRATER (the Cup, or the Crater) 31-CRUX (the Cross) 32-CYGNUS (the Swan) 33-DELPHINUS (the Dolphin) 34-DORADO (Coryphaena hippurus) 35-DRACO (the Dragon) 36-EQUULEUS (the Foal, or the Colt) 37-ERIDANUS (the River) 38-FORNAX CHEMICA (the Chemical Furnace) 39-GEMINI (the Twins) 40-GRUS (the Crane) 41-HERCULES (the Kneeling Man) 42-HOROLOGIUM OSCILLATORIUM (the Pendulum Clock) 43-HYDRA (the Water Snake) 44-HYDRUS (the Male Water Snake)
45-INDUS (the Indian) 46-LACERTA (the Lizard) 47-LEO (the Lion) 48-LEO MINOR (the Lesser Lion) 49-LEPUS (the Hare) 50-LIBRA (the Scales, the Claws) 51-LUPUS (the Wolf) 52-LYNX (the Lynx) 53-LYRA (the Lyre) 54-MENSA (Mons Mensa, the Table Mountain) 55-MICROSCOPIUM (the Microscope) 56-MONOCEROS (the Unicorn, the "One Horned") 57-MUSCA AUSTRALIS (the Southern Fly) 58-NORMA ET REGULA (the Level and Square) 59-OCTANS HADLEIANUS (Hadley's Octan) 60-OPHIUCHUS (Serpentarius, the Serpent Holder) 61-ORION (the Giant, the Hunter) 62-PAVO (the Peacock) 63-PEGASUS (the Flying Horse) 64-PERSEUS (the Champion, the Rescuer) 65-PHOENIX (the Phoenix) 66-PICTOR (Equuleus Pictoris, the Painter's Easel) 67-PISCES (the Fishes) 68-PISCIS AUSTRINUS (Pisces Australis, the Southern Fish) 69-PUPPIS (the Stern of the Ship Argo Navis) 70-PYXIS NAUTICA (the Mariner's Compass) 71-RETICULUM RHOMBOIDALIS (the Rhomboidal Net) 72-SAGITTA (the Arrow) 73-SAGITTARIUS (the Archer) 74-SCORPIUS (the Scorpion) 75-SCULPTOR (the Sculptor) 76-SCUTUM SOBIESCIANUM (Sobieski's Shield) 77-SERPENS (the Serpent) 78-SEXTANS URANAE (the Sextant of Urania) 79-TAURUS (the Bull) 80-TELESCOPIUM (the Telescope) 81-TRIANGULUM (the Northern Triangle) 82-TRIANGULUM AUSTRALIS (the Southern Triangle) 83-TUCANA (the Toucan) 84-URSA MAJOR (the Greater Bear) 85-URSA MINOR (the Lesser Bear) 86-VELA (the Sails of the Ship Argo Navis) 87-VIRGO (the Virgin) 88-VOLANS (Piscis Volans, the Flying Fish) 89-VULPECULA ET ANSER (the Fox and the Goose)