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2019TAROTa collection of 78 short pieces for unfretted clavichord based on the most popular tool for spiritual introspection and in progress...


1-The Fool 2-The Magician 3-The High Priestess 4-The Empress 5-The Emperor 6-The Hierophant 7-The Lovers 8-The Chariot 9-Strength 10-The Hermit 11-Wheel of Fortune 12-Justice 13-The Hanged Man 14-Death 15-Temperance 16-The Devil 17-The Tower 18-The Star 19-The Moon 20-The Sun 21-Judgement 22-The World
23-Ace of Wands 24-Two of Wands 25-Three of Wands 26-Four of Wands 27-Five of Wands 28-Six of Wands 29-Seven of Wands 30-Eight of Wands 31-Nine of Wands 32-Ten of Wands 33-Page of Wands 34-Knight of Wands 35-Queen of Wands 36-King of Wands
37-Ace of Cups 38-Two of Cups 39-Three of Cups 40-Four of Cups 41-Five of Cups 42-Six of Cups 43-Seven of Cups 44-Eight of Cups 45-Nine of Cups 46-Ten of Cups 47-Page of Cups 48-Knight of Cups 49-Queen of Cups 50-King of Cups

51-Ace of Swords 52-Two of Swords 53-Three of Swords 54-Four of Swords 55-Five of Swords 56-Six of Swords 57-Seven of Swords 58-Eight of Swords 59-Nine of Swords 60-Ten of Swords 61-Page of Swords 62-Knight of Swords 63-Queen of Swords 64-King of Swords
65-Ace of Pentacles 66-Two of Pentacles 67-Three of Pentacles 68-Four of Pentacles 69-Five of Pentacles 70-Six of Pentacles 71-Seven of Pentacles 72-Eight of Pentacles 73-Nine of Pentacles 74-Ten of Pentacles 75-Page of Pentacles 76-Knight of Pentacles 77-Queen of Pentacles 78-King of Pentacles