January 3, 2012

Tonality and Character

C major: Cheerful, warrior, completely pure. Its character is one of innocence and simplicity.C minor: Dark and sad. Declaration of love and at the same time regret of unrequited love. Longings and sighs.
C# major: Lascivious glances Pain and ecstasy. It can't laugh, but it can smile. It can't howl, it can only wince from its crying. Unusual characters and feelings.C# minor: Feelings of anxiety, anguish and deep pain in the soul, despair, depression, gloomy feelings, fears, indecisions, chills. If ghosts could speak they would approach this tonality.
D major: Happy and very warrior. The triumph, Hallelujahs, jubilation, victory.D minor: Serious and devoted. female melancholy. The grudge.
Eb major: Cruelty, harshness, love, devotion, intimate conversation with God.Eb minor: Awful, dreadful.
E major: Complaining, shrill, loud cries of joy, pleasure in laughing.E minor: Effeminate, loving, melancholic.
F major: Furious and flushed.F minor: Dark, sorrowful, depressive, funeral lament, moans of misery, solemn nostalgia.
F# major: Triumph over difficulty, freedom, relief, overcoming obstacles, the echo of a soul that has fiercely fought and finally conquered.F# minor: Pessimistic, sad, gloomy, dark, stubborn to passion, resentments, discontent.
G major: Sweetly jovial, rustic, idyllic, lyrical, calm, satisfied passion, gratitude for true friendship and hopeful love, gentle and peaceful emotions.G minor: Serious, magnificent, dissatisfied, worried about breaking the schemes, poorly tempered, gnashing of teeth, disgust.
Ab major: Gravity, death and putrefaction.Ab minor: Complaining all the time, noncomplacent, dissatisfied, suffocated heart, regrets, difficulties.
A major: Cheerful, country, declaration of innocent love, satisfaction, the hope of returning what belongs to one again when returning from a game, youth, applause and belief in God.A minor: Tender, tearful, female piety.
Bb major: Magnificent, joy, joyful love, clear conscience, goals and wishes for a better world.Bb minor: Dark, terrible, colorful and curious creature, evening wear, coarse, rude, burlesque, impolite, self-displeased, sounds of suicide.
B major: Hard, painful, dazzling, strongly colored, announcing wild passions, anger, hatred and resentment.B minor: Lonely, melancholic, hermit, patience, faith and submission waiting for divine forgiveness.