January 4, 2022

Music is essential

Music is an essential element in the development and learning of children. Children growing listening to music, singing songs, and moving to the beat of music enjoy a better sensory system as they create more links in the neural connections in the brain.
As a result, it is detected:
  1. An increase in children's memory, attention and concentration.
  2. A significant improvement in the ability to solve mathematical problems and of complex reasoning. All in all, a better learning ability and one higher IQ.
  3. An enrichment of thought.
  4. A better ability to express oneself.
  5. When combined with dance, a greater stimulation of the senses, balance and of muscle development.
  6. Greater stimulus in children's creativity and imagination.
  7. Better control of emotions, which helps everyone to interact better levels among children.
  8. An increase in self-esteem by being able to participate in demonstrations artistic.

As it is a non-oral language, and from the fact that it has one more universal code, communicative possibilities are extended to all children, regardless of their language skills. The globality of the musical expression makes it very suitable to help overcome many limitations.
The presence in the classrooms of many students from diverse cultures makes the language of music help better school inclusion.The development of the inner representation capacity of a sound, of a melody, of a particular piece of music, helps to expand the intellectual abilities and contributes to the improvement of abstract intelligence.
The fit of a beat and a movement from the musical hearing provides better body organization and better mastery of fine motor skills. Music through movement and dance allows for an excellent relationship between one's own body and the environment and between one's own body and the body of one's peers.The collective practice of music helps children to exclude individualistic attitudes in the face of work, and improves its performance, while educating it towards a more tolerant attitude of society.
In the realm of emotions, sensitivity education will help the boy and girl to perceive the innermost sensations, be able to externalize and channel them more adequatelly and better controlled. Music, then, has a beneficial effect on the mood of people, in the intelligence, in memory and language and also in physical and mental health.